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What does cloudy weather do to my work.

April 28th, 2011

I am just about to get out the sun lamp. This is terrible. I hate cloudy days and we are having a lot of them here in southeastern Wisconsin. How does it I effect my artwork ? Well, I have taken picture on a vacation when it was cloudy and have tried to go back and take the same pictures when the sun is out. Everything looks so flat without the sun to give it shape with shadow and highlights. How do you feel about cloudy days? Thanks Walt

Here goes nothing.

April 20th, 2011

Here goes nothing.

I guess a blog is place to talk. I don't know if anyone will read this but it is something i want to talk about. i like it when an artist tells me the back story to their painting.This painting is of one of my favorite spots on Lake Kipawa in Quebec. The spot is on Strawberry island and it has a great area to cook and spend some time. I think a photograph can capture such a place, but a painting puts another dimension on it. I painted it through my eyes and my hands. I left out things. I enhanced things. The colors you see are not the colors of the photo but my take on it. I let you see my strokes and i led you to what I wanted you to look at as a focal point of the painting. Speaking of painting ,while i would rather do it than anything ,It also puts you out there for people to pass judgement on. I think everyone feels they can comment on art. Most people have chosen some peices of art for their house and as you look at those choices you realize some do it better than others and not everybody likes the same thing. What a boring world it would be if everyone did.The point i am trying to make is that chances are not everyone is going like you stuff, let alone buy it. An artist must paint for themselves. i think that we have to be true to ourselves. I made the mistake early on to paint what i thought other would like, because praise is a wonderful thing and when they buy your art it is a great validation. I also realize that most people in our country don't really care about the arts and have a hard time putting value to museums, art classes, etc. My proof of this is that there has been no outrage when they cut an art program at school but cut football and all hell would break loose. We as a people need to express ourselves. We as a country will be nothing without creativity in our children. Europe promotes art. America tolerates it.
I know i am rambling but it is a blog and i am allowed. I hope to sit down on a regular interval and write about my feelings as they pertain to my art.
I really don't care if anyone reads this. It is a way of me making sense of my own struggle with painting and teaching painting. Thanks Walt